What people say…

“I was seriously impressed with Kizzy when she facilitated a three day conference for us involving a real variety of stakeholders. Despite a very ambitious and constantly evolving agenda Kizzy was instrumental in ensuring we remained focussed on achieving our goals. Kizzy didn’t appear fazed by any request that came her way and is just as skilled at drawing out fascinating insight from delegates as she is moving discussions along.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kizzy to anyone looking for a professional and personable facilitator.”

Janine Roderick

Programme Director, Public Health and Policing in Wales

“I am delighted to have worked with Kizzy. She is not only a great coach but also a real leader. As the Head of our worldwide Coaching Support Group she was able to build a team of worldwide coaches and provide ongoing help and support to our worldwide family of coaches and students. She demonstrated magnificent management and leadership skills. Not only that but she is a real joy to work with.”
Gerard O’Donovan,

CEO, Noble Manhattan Group

“I had the pleasure of working with Kizzy on the launch of the NHS SW Leadership Coaching and Mentoring Strategy. I found her to be knowledgeable, honest, professional and committed to developing a strategy for  the South West that worked. She has a pragmatic approach to the challenge of multi agency working and a real willingness to work collaboratively with others.”

Annie Raven-Vause

SRN, SCM, BSc Hons Nursing, Master Practitioner NLP, BACP Registered Psychotherapist

“I worked with Kizzy on an NHS transformation programme. I found Kizzy to be focussed on achieving our goals, whilst remaining pragmatic about what was practicable. Kizzy also kept colleagues and other stakeholders engaged and motivated by using a variety of communication and coaching techniques. Kizzy has the rare ability to see the bigger picture without losing the detail of it’s constituent parts. I think this, along with her interpersonal skills, humour and charm make Kizzy a real asset to any professional/organisational endeavour.”

Anne Horsborough

Workforce Transformation Lead, Health Education England

“Kizzy is highly motivated and a great communicator. She has a proven track record of delivering complex projects on time and to a high quality. Kizzy has well developed leadership skills acquired from the frontline. On top of all her professional qualities Kizzy is fun and great to work with, she has unique ability to put people at ease, bring the best out of them and deliver.”
Mike Townson

Portsmouth, Hampshire

“Kizzy demonstrated excellent facilitation, coaching, leadership and conflict management skills. Kizzy was always calm, measured and insightful helping us all move forward with a challenging agenda within challenging timeframes! I would love the opportunity to work with Kizzy again.”

Julia Holman

Service Lead, Bristol

“I have completed 2 days with my local community led by Kizzy Harris. I was both impressed and pleased at the way she planned and handled the events. She conducted the sessions with great humour and professionalism. She knew where we were at the beginning and enabled us to reach a conclusion that was obviously best for us and for our situation. She managed to draw out the shy, while gently controlling the voluble. She led us efficiently through the day, allowing us time to take on board what we were all saying and we reached a consensus with great satisfaction. I would thoroughly recommend Kizzy to help any group knowing where they want to get, but not quite sure how to make it.”
Rosie Inge


“Working with Kizzy was a very empowering experience. Over the course of three leadership coaching sessions, we used a number of techniques that confirmed some of my thinking, gave me several useful new tools and helped me gain a clearer perspective on workplace challenges. The coaching process enabled me to explore my options and draw my own conclusions about the next steps in my career. I feel I am moving forward with some insights and tools.”

Jill Downey

Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group, Bristol

“Kizzy led by example, she’s a great trainer; always engaging and creative in her approach. She actively encouraged input and ideas from others and was collaborative in her approach. I would have no hesitation in recommending her.”
Dr Clare England

Clinical Academic Dietitian at University of Bristol

“Kizzy’s enthusiasm and energy is infectious and inspires people who she works with. She is knowledgeable about strategies for training and is not content to rely on her own knowledge but constantly looks for ways to complement her skills. Kizzy always seeks innovative approaches to her work and it has been a privilege to work with her.”
Sandra Tweddell,


“Kizzy  is a knowledgeable, professional and accomplished Executive Coach. She is able to build trust and rapport with her clients and draws on a wide variety of tools and techniques to help bring deeper insights. She is committed to her own CPD and coaching development. I would be happy to recommend her.”
Lois McKie

ILM Coaching and Leadership Assessor

“Supervision with Kizzy  is a great opportunity to reflect on my coaching practice. Her style is both challenging and empathetic. As such I am granted the time to review my own practice and test my thinking in a supportive environment but to also get right to the heart of the issue. It’s also a great place to work through my own development as a coach and figure out how I can best support my coachees.”
Michele Rees-Jones

Marketing Lead and Coach, Mayden, Bath

“Working with Kizzy was a huge help in stepping back, assessing where I was in my life and my priorities for my career. She has the perfect coaching style – supportive, approachable, inquisitive, kind yet disciplined. I am now very happy in my new job and have a better idea of where I want to take my career.”

Steve Mewes

Policy and Campaigns Manager, Somerset Wildlife Trust

“I  was grappling with some concerns and issues in my business and it was a great to tap into the coaching support provided by Kizzy. Working on my own it can be hard to step back from situations and find solutions, but Kizzy was great at reflecting back what I had said in ways that made me reconsider my position, at times challenging me to come up with alternative approaches and envisage the possible outcomes. She remained totally impartial, gave me the encouragement to think of solutions for myself and didn’t shy away from helping me to question what I was really saying. In my view, and that of my business this was time well spent and I would thoroughly recommend Kizzy’s service.”

Space Creators, Somerset

“I  had the pleasure of working with Kizzy on the team of the Global Coaching Support Group – Noble Manhattan, where she was the Vice President and Global Webinar Host. Kizzy was an absolute joy to work with, she is knowledgeable, level headed and her professionalism is outstanding. Kizzy is an excellent well-rounded addition to any organisation.”
Rosemarie Wilson

Change Agent, Coach and Mentor

“Kizzy has facilitated the birth of several new projects within my leadership teams. She has the skill and gifting to help people think through the bigger picture and bring them to a place of making informed decisions. As a result, large projects and new initiative have begun in a more structured way, and we often make use of her facilitation skills to ensure we keep focus. As a coach she has been vital in helping me to think through my shifting workload, challenging situations and competing priorities.”
Paul Clarke

Vicar and Vocations Advisor, Church of England

“Through our coaching relationship, Kizzy supports me unconditionally, whether I need motivating or to give myself a break, whether I need to be more realistic or to be challenged.  I always feel better about myself after a coaching session and come away invigorated and focused on what I want to achieve.  Everyone needs a dose of Kizzy’s coaching to help them be the best version of themselves that they can be.”
Becky Waters